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And the Bad luck continues

Darren was running a good average of 1.55 for his stint, then had to pit for some odd engine behavior but ended not being anything, and later on got black flagged for not watching for the yellows.
John took over after Darren’s time was done, and unfortunately was stuck on a number of yellow flag laps. Under green he was able to post a 1.53 best lap time but then banged the front right bumped of our car into the side of a BMW as it turned into John in a corner (someone got pictures and hopefully we will get those to post). Not long after that incident the car was not behaving (just a coincidence) and forced yet another pit stop in which we discovered the fan/alternator belt was gone. After that pit the car just did not have any power and we called the car done.
So in the end we had an amazing run, the car ran like a beast, so much better than before, and we were able to complete at least 10 hours of racing. Team Nemesis will fix things up and be back on track for the next race.

Good luck and bad luck

From the start if the race Benson (driver #1) moved us up from 48th place to 37th place. Then Doug (driver #2) moved us up to 26th place during his two hour stint. Brandon (driver #3) ran the fastest laps for the team so far to 15th place with 1:47 minute laps times around the 2.78 mile track.
But after an hour of Brandon’s blazing times we lost oil pressure and had to pot early to check the engine. Ended up that one of the oil lines to the oil cooler developed a leak. So with quick thinking we by passed the cooler, added oil and sent Darren (driver #4) out on track. So far so good, with the engine that is, but the bad news is that we dropped back to 26th place.
We will see during this hour how much time Darren can make up, and with the car running faster and handling better than ever we should be back in the running again.

A logo is born…

As you may (or may not) have noticed or known, Team Nemesis’ livery (theme) for the ChumpCar car is based on Bob Sharp Racing¬†(click here for some history).132datsun

So in true faith of keeping with this theme, we also set out to create a logo for Team Nemesis based on some of Bob Sharp’s art work.

222657_424240104322613_295489101_n    photo_138

And from these examples, a team logo was born…



We also have created another graphic for the team with the same heritage;



Rebuild Shakedown

The moment of truth, after having torn the car apart will it not only run around the track but run lots of laps and run better than before??

Early Saturday morning we did some easy laps around the track and of course first impressions were not great, nothing bad, just not great.  Car ran rough, some electrical items were not right, ugh.

We ticketed with the car some and put it back out on track. ¬†As the day went on the car started to come into it’s own, running better than before. ¬†SUCCESS!

So hopes were big for Sunday, as we were not let down.  We made some alignment adjustments and fixed a couple more electrical items and off onto the track we went.  The car ran like a beast, clocking a 2 minute 6 second lap time on the long course.  That was very quick considering we were running old used tires with warped rotors and cheap brake pads.  MAJOR SUCCESS!!!

Here are a few pics and a great video, enjoy.

Speaking of Electrical systems

A huge inspiration to us in going the extra distance and completely re-doing the entire electrical system in the car from the absolute ground up came from a website we found while researching for a simple relay and terminal block to handle the few switches we needed to wire in.  Once we saw the incredible work being done by this company

we knew we had to do a complete gut of the electrical system, removing all the relays blocks, fuse blocks, and terminals to build our own relay/fuse board.

So we would like to thank Tony Candela of CE Auto Electrical Supply for his inspiration and for the countless hours he consulted with us in putting together the right wiring parts and cables.

Here is how our electrical control board turned out;


If you have an electrical project for your car, we highly recommend



A car reborn

Over the last few years the Nemesis ChumpCar has performed with various levels of success, and 2013 was on the low side of that. ¬†So for 2014 we decided to break out the tool box and really dig into the car to make it a more stable and reliable race car. ¬†After all we do compete in endurance races and making a $500 car run for 14 hours is no small feat. ¬†Since we had been plagued with mostly electrical issues we decided to simplify the wiring in the car. ¬†Then as we dug into that we also decided to gut the car of all things that were not necessary. ¬†The key phase became “weight loss” as we cut here and drilled there.

Hello world!

Welcome to Team Nemesis’ grand unveiling of our all new website!

There are a number of projects on our plate as we prepare for the 2014 season, so please be patient with us as we flush out our new website.  We will most certainly be posting our 2014 stories and race details as they happen, but we also intend to post some history of the Nemesis team and how we came about.  So keep checking back and we will be sure to get those past stories posted in the coming months.