Good luck and bad luck

From the start if the race Benson (driver #1) moved us up from 48th place to 37th place. Then Doug (driver #2) moved us up to 26th place during his two hour stint. Brandon (driver #3) ran the fastest laps for the team so far to 15th place with 1:47 minute laps times around the 2.78 mile track.
But after an hour of Brandon’s blazing times we lost oil pressure and had to pot early to check the engine. Ended up that one of the oil lines to the oil cooler developed a leak. So with quick thinking we by passed the cooler, added oil and sent Darren (driver #4) out on track. So far so good, with the engine that is, but the bad news is that we dropped back to 26th place.
We will see during this hour how much time Darren can make up, and with the car running faster and handling better than ever we should be back in the running again.