And the Bad luck continues

Darren was running a good average of 1.55 for his stint, then had to pit for some odd engine behavior but ended not being anything, and later on got black flagged for not watching for the yellows.
John took over after Darren’s time was done, and unfortunately was stuck on a number of yellow flag laps. Under green he was able to post a 1.53 best lap time but then banged the front right bumped of our car into the side of a BMW as it turned into John in a corner (someone got pictures and hopefully we will get those to post). Not long after that incident the car was not behaving (just a coincidence) and forced yet another pit stop in which we discovered the fan/alternator belt was gone. After that pit the car just did not have any power and we called the car done.
So in the end we had an amazing run, the car ran like a beast, so much better than before, and we were able to complete at least 10 hours of racing. Team Nemesis will fix things up and be back on track for the next race.