Rebuild Shakedown

The moment of truth, after having torn the car apart will it not only run around the track but run lots of laps and run better than before??

Early Saturday morning we did some easy laps around the track and of course first impressions were not great, nothing bad, just not great.  Car ran rough, some electrical items were not right, ugh.

We ticketed with the car some and put it back out on track.  As the day went on the car started to come into it’s own, running better than before.  SUCCESS!

So hopes were big for Sunday, as we were not let down.  We made some alignment adjustments and fixed a couple more electrical items and off onto the track we went.  The car ran like a beast, clocking a 2 minute 6 second lap time on the long course.  That was very quick considering we were running old used tires with warped rotors and cheap brake pads.  MAJOR SUCCESS!!!

Here are a few pics and a great video, enjoy.